Monday, 20 February 2012

Spring and Impossible Requests

A huge hello to my new followers - I really am so honored to have you along.  

Sunday was a lovely day here.  It finally felt like Spring is on it's way.  It was warm enough for us all to spend the day out in the garden.

Hubby and I have been talking about sorting out the garden.  We have a smallish garden which is perfectly functional, but a bit boring, so we decided to move things around and make a new herb bed and get rid of all the tatty gravel under the apple trees.

We also thought about adding some things for the children - a climbing frame or a slide - things they can enjoy whilst they are still young enough.  So in the spirit of getting them to join in, over lunch in the garden we asked what would they like in their garden?......

Little Miss O - 'PINK GRASS'.

Little Man T - 'A WATERFALL'

Me - '.......Errrrrrmmmm........Anything else?....'

Them - 'NO!!!!'

Mmmmm, anyone know where I can get pink grass?!?!


  1. Oh that's fabulous .... what great imagination x

  2. Trust children! Not sure about the pink grass!