Saturday, 25 February 2012

Listography - Things that make me happy and up date my List

I have been enjoying perusing Kate's blog here and love the idea of the Listography.

This week's is Things that make me happy.....

  1.  Climbing into freshly washed and ironed sheets.  They have to be white cotton and there must be an upper sheet tucked in tightly.  Mmmmmmmm
  2. Listening to my little ones play and chatter.  Makes me smile every time. 
  3. Sitting in a cafe with a good cup of coffee and an unputdownable book, even better if hubby is there too (and some cake).  
  4. Walking bare foot on the grass.  
  5. Being by the sea - any season, any time - just as long as I can watch the waves and smell the sea.  
These make me smile just thinking about them.  

Last night I got to tick off one of my 101 Challenges -  A Night at the Opera.

Yesterday evening I spent a wonderful evening watching Opera North perform Madam Butterfly.  I have never been to the opera and was not sure what I would make of it.    First half I was thinking that I was not quite sold on it, but by the end, blimey, I was hooked.  I was all weepy and emotional.  I was completely blown away by the cast, they were amazing.  

I will definatly go again.  

Hope you are all having a good weekend full of things that make you happy. 


  1. I love your list - I adore all of those things too xx

  2. I don't ironing of sheets - life's too short, but I do LOVE fresh clean sheets. :-) I would have running in the countryside and the first cup of tea in the morning whilst reading the paper. :-)

  3. Just seen your bar - you blogging lot with your tiny mortgages (100k!) - mine is 250k! lol :-)

    1. I think the bank would have just laughed at us if we had asked for any more!

  4. I love happy lists! awesome :)

  5. Lovely list! I also like ironed sheets, but I never iron them myself. Glad that you enjoyed the trip to the opera, I've never been either, would love to go sometime!

  6. I am always happiest writing a list no matter what it's for!

  7. Ooh yes - you've reminded me of more I could've added to my list - those clean sheets (especially if they've been dryed outside) and love going barefoot on grass!