Friday, 3 February 2012

A short review

It has only been just over a week since I started on this very interesting money saving challenge.  Having never really known quite what is coming in or going out, I now know what every bill is, exactly what is in the accounts and just how much we need to save for our upcoming holiday.  It feels like a weight off my shoulders!    There is not much coming in, but we certainly have enough to live on and to be able to save a little here and there.  

This last week my husband and I decided to put anything extra money into a pot.  I had a rather elaborate system of pots and jars, which we have simplified a bit!  I counted it up today to see what I could put into the bank, and after just 10 days we have managed to put aside nearly £300 - how surprised am I!!!!!  This is extra bits of money that usually disappears into our pockets and gets frittered (I like that word) away on nothing much - a bottle of wine, maybe a magazine,  a bar of chocolate for me, another one 'cos I had a busy day, another one  cos' I deserve a treat and on and on, until the purse/wallet is empty.  

But now £300 for doing nothing and not really depriving ourselves of anything!  I think this saving lark could get addictive!    

I have also been diligent with what we are spending on food.  I have only spent a few pounds this week topping up on milk and veg.  I have stuck to my weekly menu (tonight is dips night in front of a film).  Tomorrow will be 'use it up' day.  All the left over bits of veg etc will be turned into a curry which should last us until Monday.  I really enjoy planning my menu for the week (this weeks culinary highlights have been Moroccan Squash Stew with Couscous, home made flatbreads with squash, homemade pizza with kids, finished with a pear flapjack crumble).   Looking forward to seeing just what our spend is by the end of the month.  


  1. Just had a look back and it's France! Where abouts? Have you been before?

    I am enjoying your food challenge very much.

    Could you post your vegetable curry recipe? I only eat fish so we could try this.

    The very best of luck!

    The grading?

    Sft x

  2. Oh your menus sounds totally delicious xx

  3. Wow, congratulations on your saving efforts!
    Your food sounds yummy! :)