Sunday, 23 September 2012

A Simple Sunday

I usually work on a Sunday at the Tea Rooms.  Today I had someone in working but I needed to be close by in case we got really busy.  Turns out I wasn't needed afterall.

I had a lovely family day at home instead.

This was my Simple Sunday.......

  • Giving the bedrooms and bathrooms a good clean - there is satisfaction in getting a job done and seeing a tidy room. 

  • Sitting with the children doing their reading and writing.
  • Stepping out of the back door to pick our apples to make into an apple crumble
  • The weather still just about warm enough to hang out the washing. 
  • Making a Roast dinner for my family 
  • Watching the children play nicely together (this is quite rare!)
  • Children in the bath.  Pyjamas warming by the log burner.  
  • Ironing whilst watching Darling Buds of May.  
  • Now sitting in the kitchen catching up on things I need to do for the week. 

Satisfaction in simple things. 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

At the Country Show

Every year our village holds a Country Show.  It is a wonderful event and has been running for 161 years.  It  has all the usual ploughing, horse events and the main ring hosts displays of working dogs, falconry and so much more.

We love it.  This years show was held last Saturday.  It was a beautiful day and so sunny all day.

As well as the other displays, there is also the produce and home crafts marquee.  This year I thought I would have a go and put some things in the baking section.

I decided to enter seven things then spent a couple of slightly stressful days baking - it turns out that I am really bad at making jam tarts! Plus my first attempt at a lemon cake looked decidedly unappetizing.

I stuck at it and by Saturday morning I had all my entries ready.  My husband had also entered the 'Man in the Kitchen' competition and made a beautiful Victoria sponge.

When we returned later that day after judging, we were amazed to see that husband had won first prize for his cake and I had won 3 Firsts, 1 Second and a Third, meaning we both won a trophy!

This is us very surprised with our spoils!

I think we might have annoyed some of the older locals who win every year - he he he!

It made a wonderful day even better!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

My charity shop bargain

A lovely friend and I went for a mooch around the local charity shops this week.

I am usually terrible at finding anything in charity shops - I see the wracks of things and my mind goes blank - I just can't see anything decent in amongst all the stuff.  Perhaps it is something that needs practice!

But, this time, the first shop I went into I saw a long dress on the rail, pulled it out and there was the most beautiful 40's style Monsoon dress.  It was a size 10.  I tried it on and it fitted like a glove - yeah (the healthy eating is working)!  Not sure when I am going to wear it, but I love it!

I also picked up a really nice light jacket to wear now the days are getting cooler.

After that, I couldn't find a single decent thing, but it didn't matter.

Next time I wear it, I will take a photo.  Now to get hubby to take me somewhere fancy so I put on my new frock!   (I love that word).

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Now, I am a girl that was bought up in the country and I like all of natures little beasties.  I am fine with spiders and snakes and all those other things that make some people shudder.

But, I have a real problem with earwigs.  I just don't like the little blighters.

They seem to get everywhere!  I always seem to find them in my washing when it is hanging on the line - how do they get up there?!? - can these pesky little devils now fly or are they hitching a ride on a passing bird?

And if I don't shake my washing enough before I bring it in, then they snuggle down in my clean laundry waiting to surprise me - I found one happily ensconced in my knickers this morning.  Not what I wanted to see at 6.00am.

I am sure they have a purpose in this world but I would be very grateful if they could go and do their business elsewhere thank you very much.