Thursday, 13 September 2012

My charity shop bargain

A lovely friend and I went for a mooch around the local charity shops this week.

I am usually terrible at finding anything in charity shops - I see the wracks of things and my mind goes blank - I just can't see anything decent in amongst all the stuff.  Perhaps it is something that needs practice!

But, this time, the first shop I went into I saw a long dress on the rail, pulled it out and there was the most beautiful 40's style Monsoon dress.  It was a size 10.  I tried it on and it fitted like a glove - yeah (the healthy eating is working)!  Not sure when I am going to wear it, but I love it!

I also picked up a really nice light jacket to wear now the days are getting cooler.

After that, I couldn't find a single decent thing, but it didn't matter.

Next time I wear it, I will take a photo.  Now to get hubby to take me somewhere fancy so I put on my new frock!   (I love that word).

1 comment:

  1. It's great when you find a gem in a charity shop. Lucky you!

    Sft x