Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Now, I am a girl that was bought up in the country and I like all of natures little beasties.  I am fine with spiders and snakes and all those other things that make some people shudder.

But, I have a real problem with earwigs.  I just don't like the little blighters.

They seem to get everywhere!  I always seem to find them in my washing when it is hanging on the line - how do they get up there?!? - can these pesky little devils now fly or are they hitching a ride on a passing bird?

And if I don't shake my washing enough before I bring it in, then they snuggle down in my clean laundry waiting to surprise me - I found one happily ensconced in my knickers this morning.  Not what I wanted to see at 6.00am.

I am sure they have a purpose in this world but I would be very grateful if they could go and do their business elsewhere thank you very much.


  1. I can't stand the flipping things..miniature scorpians..they hide in the fingers of my rubber gloves.
    Jane x

  2. Can't say I have had them in my washing! I'm not a big fan of them either.