Saturday, 3 March 2012

Saturday Night and New Possibilities

First of all, thank you for the encouraging messages in response to my last post, but more of that later.

For now, I am enjoying a quiet Saturday night in.  It has been a busy day, starting off with a Guide Bake Sale to raise money for our unit.  Lots of my girls turned up and all had baked cakes, which were delicious and I bought far too many.  I am so, so proud of all my girls and feel so honoured to spend time with them.

Following that, I dashed off to work, but I am now relaxing at home with my lovely hubby watching Lord of the Rings whilst I do my new favourite thing - reading blogs!

Now, back to my dream job.  I finally realised that I had to at least ask, or forever regret it.  So, I emailed (I am not brave enough to phone!), and they sent a really nice email back, saying that although they don't need anyone at the moment, that may change and that if I want to go down and help out I can - that way I can get experience and it can fit in around my work for the time being,    So, pretty positive.  What I would like to do is start going down to the centre regularly and learn to canoe with a view to train to teach it.  I am a qualified archery instructor, so hoping I might be able to use that too.

But, something else might be on the cards.  This is all very up in the air and it might not happen, but my friend who runs the tea room where I work might be giving it up, and I am seriously thinking about taking it over.  I need to go through the books and see if it would be worth it, but it could be really good.

New exciting possibilities!  

Enjoy your weekend everyone. xx


  1. What an exciting time for you. I'm glad you contacted them again.

  2. Good on you for asking! It doesn't hurt to keep the lines of communication open. The tea room ideas sounds great too, look forward to hearing how it pans out :)

  3. wow that all sounds brilliant, really exciting times!

  4. Sounds like you need a new, rewarding challenge in your life.

    Well done for making things happen. It sounds like you are grabbing your opportunities now.


  5. I'm glad you contacted them, otherwise you would have never known. It sounds great that they still want you to come along and help out as that would be invaluable experience and a great introduction for you. Plus once you have your feet in the door that's always a good start.:-)