Sunday, 11 March 2012

My Weekend

A quick post about my favourite things this weekend....

Blue skies and sunny days - warm enough to sit outside in T-shirts.

Meeting my gorgeous new nephew for the first time and that feeling of holding a new born baby.  Ahhhhhh

Fireman Charity Car Wash at the end of my lane - most entertaining ;)

Empty ironing basket

Spending time with my extended family in the garden. 

A quiet Sunday night in listening to husband play the guitar.  

Hope you all had a good weekend.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend :). It's always good to get to the bottom of the ironing basket! The firemen - well I can only imagine lol. Glad you got to spend some time with family, outside in the sunshine, I'm so envious. We have been truly robbed of summer this year.
    My weekend was busy, but not as social as yours. I spent most of Saturday cooking meals for our staff & some extra cleaning that I've been avoiding. Sunday we did some tidying in the garden (ivy wars) in the rain.
    Love your happiness posts!!

  2. Sounds like an amazing weekend - I was also loving the weather! Managed to get lots of odd jobs done round the garden.

  3. What a neat weekend! My hubby and I went to a wedding. And I have to say, it was nice. Much needed too. I think sometimes we get so bogged down with everyday stuff we forget why we're here. Your weekend sounded peaceful and lovely!


  4. I loooove that new baby feel too, just today a girl from work came back in with her 3 week old to visit and i just melted! I cant wait for one of my own!

    Your sunday night sounds so lovely, another great list :)

  5. Hi Becky Bee,

    Thanks for following us.

    Love your lists & you have some very interesting things on your challenges!

    Look forward to reading more...

    Kay :)