Saturday, 10 March 2012

My March Happy List

My March Happy List 


After reading Astra's wonderful Blog and her Happy List, I thought I would write mine too.  It is always wonderful to take a moment to think about what makes me happy or what I am grateful for.  

So here goes are my 10 things that make me happy in March....

  1. The return of the wild ducks to the garden.  I could endlessly sit and watch them waddle around the garden and quack when they decide it is lunch.  
  2. Seeing my son ride his bike on his own today and then seeing the joy and pride on his face - I could have cried!
  3. Spring flowers everywhere.  
  4. Being surrounded by very kind and generous neighbours (who also put up with our household of noisy children and even noisier chickens).
  5. The days feeling warm enough to sit outside and enjoy the sun on my face.
  6. The evenings still cold enough to justify lighting the woodburner, so I can snuggle with my hubby on the sofa. 
  7. Reading inspirational blogs and feeling that I am moving towards something too. 
  8. The feeling of new possibilities opening up.  
  9. My birthday weekend coming up soon - my last birthday was spent at my Grandfathers funeral.  This year I am determined to do something nice, so I have booked tickets to see Bear Grylls Live (maybe not everyones cup of tea, but he is defiantly at the top of my laminated List ;), then the next day spending the day at a sewing workshop with a lovely friend.  
  10. My wonderful family (although they can drive me slightly potty at times, I adore them and they certainly do make me happy)

P.S  Hello and a huge welcome to my new followers.  It is good to have you along.


  1. Oh becky bee thank you so much for joining in the revolution! I'm so happy that you used the banner too! I took a real photo of your post on my screen I was that excited LOL :)

  2. Thank you for inspiring me to make my list! I think the banner looks great by the way, and meant to say yesterday well done on getting your mortgage approved - another step closer to your dream!