Thursday, 12 July 2012

Dishwashers and this and that

Husband is still set on a dishwasher.  I am against.  I can't justify spending all that money.  I will see how long I can hold out.  Thank you so much for your comments on the last post - I like to hear what other people do!

We had a sunny day here today - hurrah!!! 

The rain has briefly stopped.
Part of my Tea Room flooded! 

So I managed to get down to the allotment for some much needed weeding.  The little plot has been doing us proud at the moment.  We are eating our own potatoes, peas, beans, kale and there are plenty of strawberries.  I gain so much pleasure from putting a meal on the table the consists of mainly our own produce.  Simple pleasures.

I haven't managed to work out how to get the photos off my phone, so here is a picture of last year pickings. 

Another thing which is making me happy, is that we have made our first repayment on our mortgage.  It is only a little step, but it feels good to have made that first step. 

I have been reading Rhonda's Down to Earth blog and this post really hit a chord.  She just makes so much sense.  I really must be more content with what I have and to appreciate every day - too often I find myself wishing away the time or getting angry at the children (this seems to happen far too often!).  

Simple pleasures are the most valuable. 


  1. Rhonda is amazing. I read her first every morning, she's my inspiration, and gets me going for the day. I hope your tearoom is alright!

  2. We had a second hand dishwasher which we bought for £20. It lasted for over 4 years, but we decided not to replace it as we wanted to cut down on our electrical appliances & live as simply as possible. We love the simple pleasures in life... Don't wish away your days... They are so precious!

    Well done on your mortgage repayment!

    Kay :)

  3. I too read Rhonda's blog, amazing stuff and so inspiring. Sorry to see the picture of your flooded tea room. Hope it gets back to normal. If your veg this year are doing as well as last years photographs, you will also get some great veg this year. Our stuff is not so good, seems to be starving all the time!

  4. I am also sad to see your tea room flood. Hope that's all been sorted out.

    Keep that positive attitude going. It resonates through your post and is clearly working.

    As Kay says, enjoy those simple pleasures and treasure each day.

    Sft x