Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Cleaning, cleaning cleaning Part 3

Well I had my home kitchen assessment today.  This is so I can bake cakes at home to take into the tea room.

All went well.  I got 4 stars.  I would have got 5 but I needed the official paperwork and not just my cleaning schedule.

I had spent much of yesterday evening cleaning and making sure every surface was spick and span.

I thought the inspector would go through every cupboard and check my oven etc.  But no.  He didn't even open the fridge -  I could have had a dead dog in there for all he knew! I almost felt a bit miffed that he didn't marvel at my beautiful cupboards!

Oh well, I am pleased with the outcome.

I shall go and gaze joyfully at my perfectly organised cupboards instead.

Little things please little minds.


  1. Congratulations! Really, he didn't look in the fridge? I would have thought that would have been one of the most important places to check. I share your disappointment, especially as he didn't look in the oven - for me that is on my hate list of things to clean, and if I have gone to the effort of cleaning it I like to make sure people see it LOL.
    Happy baking. Sx

  2. Oh, I can empathize! I used to have weekly room inspections, and I'd have to clean for HOURS to get the last skeric of dust from the window tracks... But then they would just poke their heads in, check I was there and move on to the next room. Very annoying! Of course, it was always easier having a clean room than stressing about the outcome of having a dirty one...

    I'm glad you passed your inspection so well. The kitchen must have given a very good overall impression if he didn't check the fridge! I wish I were closer, so I could come to your tea room and eat some of the cakes. :)

  3. Well done!

    Happy cake making!

    Kay :)