Monday, 16 April 2012

Sad news from the Duck Maternity Ward

We found our poor wild duck dead today.

Pretty Mrs Duck sitting by the bluebells

We thought she might be poorly as she normally comes over and feeds when we go outside, but she had not left her nest for a couple of days.  We put water and food next to her, but she didn't seem interested.

This morning we saw her up and about under the apple trees so thought she might be better.  Then sadly at lunchtime we looked out of the window and saw she was dead.

We were unsure what to do with the nest (partly as it is illegal to move eggs).  We had a look at the eggs and I don't think any were viable (we shone a torch through them and there was no sign of life) I think they might have got cold early on when she first got poorly.

Part of me wanted to try and save the eggs, but it is not for me to do.  This is part of nature.

The children were ever so sad and were struggling with the concept of death.

A sad day in our little garden.


  1. Ah, it's always sad..but Mrs Duck lived in the wild as she was meant to..and died quietly, not at the jaws of a predator.
    Jane x

  2. What a sad story, & how disappointing for you all - I was enjoying your duck tales too. I agree with Jane, it is part of nature. We had the same predicament with a litter of wild kittens recently. Sadly they did not make it either. Lets hope another duck adopts you sometime soon.

  3. Aww how sad. I get so sentimental over things like this. I would have been in tears x

  4. That's so sad, I'm so sorry. I was looking forward to seeing pictures of the ducklings. Hope your children are ok xxx

  5. How sad - and tough on the kids. we had a similar experience when we first hatched chicks - this good life lark can be tough cant it? Loving your blog though, i moved my tribe to yorkshire to pursue ruraldom so its nice to share somebody elses experiences x

  6. Very sad when this happens and she looks so beautiful. You have a great blog.

    Thanks for coming over to my Blog and becoming a Follower, I really appreciate it.

    Arwedd xx

  7. Poor Mrs Duck!

    I agree with Jane, at least she was able to die peacefully.

    Not nice for the kids, but a good learning experience for the future...

    Kay :)

  8. Just so sad for Mrs Duck and you all.

    She had a lovely life...

    Sft x

  9. So sorry to hear this, I was enjoying following your ducky adventures.