Saturday, 14 April 2012

April budget has all gone to pot

It is only the 14th April and already my budget for food for the month has nearly run out.  Ooops.  I have £19 to last me until May.

We have had a very sociable couple of weeks which seems to have eaten all my money.

We had my sister and her family to stay - all of whom eat different things and prefer branded stuff (they came to the wrong house here then!).  We then had an Easter party for 20 people, a dinner party for friends last night, husbands family coming for lunch today and we are out again for dinner tonight.

So my poor food pot is looking very empty.

I am not really complaining as it has been lovely to catch up with so many people.

I shall just have to make the most of what is in the cupboards and freezer. Plus work our way through the stash of Easter eggs that we have been given - I didn't think I would say this, but I think I have gone off chocolate!


  1. Us too, as per usual but we haven't had visitors! We think if you want to eat healthily and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, it is difficult to keep it low.

  2. Things don't always go to plan do they! All going in the right direction though and family is important xx

  3. We have NO money left for food now. Last £13 was spent today.

    Time to be creative!

    Sft x