Saturday 9 June 2012

I am joining in with Astra's Happiness Revolution.  It is a lovely idea, each month you write down 10 things which are making you happy.  So here are mine this month. 

  1. My husband's very good friend visiting us.  He and hubby lived together all through uni but moving has meant that we haven't seen him for a year - it makes me so happy to see that laughing and messing about together. 
  2. Having my own business - my little Tea Room.
  3. My flower beds are looking beautiful. 
  4. Seeing the confidence of my son grow each time he gets on his bike (he has only been riding for a couple of weeks)
  5. Sitting in the kitchen and looking out of our big windows and watching the sunset (which is what I am doing right now!)
  6. Climbing Snowdon next week with my husband, sister and brother in law. 
  7. Things growing on the allotment.  
  8. Planning a camping trip.
  9. A WEEKEND IN DUBLIN with no children - ok, so it is not until July, but I am so excited about it! 
  10. Matt. 


  1. Great to hear from you! So glad the tea room is going well.

    And lovely news that you are having a break soon.

    Hope we get to hear all about it.


    Sft x

  2. Fantastic list! I'm so glad your enjoying the tea room and it must be going well if its making you happy! love to hear more about it and how its going, maybe a few pictures? Lovely to hear your little (and big) reasons to smile :)

  3. Glad the tea room is going well, are you going to post some pictures?

  4. Hi Becky - They all sound like nice reasons to be happy!

    I've just seen your message on your previous post - I'll send you some nice vegan cake recipes soon...

    Hope the tea room's going well & enjoy Dublin & Snowdon - We walked up the miner's track when the girls were 5 & 3, it was amazing! It involved quite a bit of scree climbing, which the girls loved.

    Have fun!

    Kay :)

  5. What a lovely list! I've been wondering how your tea rooms are getting on - so glad they are making you happy. Enjoy your climbing!