Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A Magical Evening

My husband and I have begun a tradition of each year going to see Shakespeare at the open air theatre near Stamford.

This year was Twelfth Night.  I never studied Shakespeare at school and had never seen any plays, so I feel it is high time to make up for it, and it was just magical.
Tolethorpe Hall Grounds

The theater is set at Tolethorpe Hall and they have built the open air stage amongst the trees (the audience have the luxury of having a covered seating area).
It is just beautiful and there is something quite magical about watching the play as dusk falls and it gradually turns to evening, all the while hearing birds and seeing them fly over head.  Even watching a play in the rain seems to add a unique spin on it.

I am already looking forward to seeing next years performance.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

I am joining in with Astra's Happiness Revolution.  It is a lovely idea, each month you write down 10 things which are making you happy.  So here are mine this month. 

  1. My husband's very good friend visiting us.  He and hubby lived together all through uni but moving has meant that we haven't seen him for a year - it makes me so happy to see that laughing and messing about together. 
  2. Having my own business - my little Tea Room.
  3. My flower beds are looking beautiful. 
  4. Seeing the confidence of my son grow each time he gets on his bike (he has only been riding for a couple of weeks)
  5. Sitting in the kitchen and looking out of our big windows and watching the sunset (which is what I am doing right now!)
  6. Climbing Snowdon next week with my husband, sister and brother in law. 
  7. Things growing on the allotment.  
  8. Planning a camping trip.
  9. A WEEKEND IN DUBLIN with no children - ok, so it is not until July, but I am so excited about it! 
  10. Matt.